Monday, January 25, 2010

How Much WiFi does a Man Need?

A contemporary Tolstoy might wonder how much wifi does a man need instead of how much land. In our global environment wifi is more of a necessity than land. One needs to be “online” all the time in order to be connected with friends and family. But moreover, the quality of work of many people is directly proportional with their wifi connection. Busy brokers and investors need constant reliable connection in order to be competitive. Even education today would be unthinkable without internet connection. If a student fails to upload that one paper, or if the wifi breaks exactly when he is submitting that quiz, the student is in trouble… So as we see, whether we want it or not, we depend on our wifi a great deal. And let’s face it, many times our wifi fails, or we don’t have it exactly when we need it. Even if we assume that one has a reliable wifi connection at home (which not always is the case), one can’t stay all the time at home in order to use that reliable wifi. One has errands to run and a life to live. So what is the solution? Something big is coming up, something that will make us rethink wifi and the way we use it. If Tolstoy was alive, he certainly would be happy to write his amazing short stories and books and have the mobility to share them instantly without waiting… We may need a little wifi, but we need it at the right time, and at the right place."

Monday, December 28, 2009

Of Holidays and Wifi

So it's Monday afternoon after Christmas... My Upstate vacation was great and recreational but hey, no wifi! If you wanted to have wifi in your room you had to pay absurd daily fees so I just gave up. But how I wanted to use skype to videochat with friends and family, to be able to access my addiction facebook to share pictures and thoughts, how I wanted to tweet that the new Sherlock Holmes movie was AWESOME ...
As the world has become one global village exactly due to the invasive nature of the internet, we all need to be connected. It's not a luxury anymore, it is a necessity. So definitely, I will need a keywifi key to the wifi at my next holiday destination !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Of Wifi and (Wo)Men

Holidays are coming up, the air is chilly but cheery... Great things are happening! And it's great if you're always able to share them.. All of us need reliable wifi connection in order to be fully "mobile".. You want to be able to use your laptop or smartphone in that cute little coffee shop around the corner but alas, all the detected networks are locked and we need keys..
Last Tuesday I attended an event in the Lower Side of Manhattan, on Orchard Street. Five great innovative companies presented what they are about to launch and my attention was mostly grabbed by Keywifi's founder presentation. Adam said that we would be able to get connection from practically anywhere as long as there are people willing to share their keys.. And why wouldn't they, if they were getting paid for it. A great thing to look forward to. I am looking forward for the their website to be fully functional!
Some other great new companies who pitched at the event were Pegshot which presented their great application which allows you to share what's new around you in a vivid visual format. SetJam is a great website for tv show maniacs like me, who don't have the time to follow their favorite shows on tv, but would still like to see them at a convenient time online.
I'm excited for the holidays and looking forward to my upstate "escape" but wish I had some free wifi up there... Stay tuned :)

Sylvia Dimova

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Mysteries of the Internet

Check out this video clip.

I think it does a great job of poking fun at people's awe and wonder over the internet. Let's face it, haven't we all stared at our routers and scratched our heads when that little green bar or dot went dark, changed color, or whatever? But the truth is, the internet, and access to it, isn't all that mysterious.

The KeyWifi tech team is working 'round the clock to get our new system up and running, and while there is no doubt that what they're doing requires specialized skill and talent, the basic principle behind KeyWifi is so simple - give people virtual "keys" to each other's wifi, keys which can be reset and taken back at any time. It's the ultimate in sharing technology.

So while the technology may be way over most of our heads, the fundamentals are as simple as what you learned in pre-school ... it pays to share!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

KeyWifi welcomes you to our new blog!

You may already know a little bit about KeyWifi, a brand new wifi sharing platform that just might revolutionize the way we get wireless internet access. But this blog is not about tech-talk ... it's about telling YOUR humorous (and aggravating) stories of searching for cheap, fast and reliable internet access. While we'll be taking our questions to the streets of New York, we'd love to hear what's going on in YOUR town or city, so don't hold back.

So, shall we get started, then? Here's our first "street story." It took place in Long Island City, where ... let's call her Sharon ... found herself running from room to room in her apartment trying to get a wifi signal. (It should be noted that Sharon's apartment consisted of a bedroom about a third the size of her mother's walk-in closet back in Texas, and an alcove thingy that served as a kitchen and eating area.) But I digress ... so on this afternoon, Sharon was scuttling all around her apartment trying to keep a wireless signal so she could finish internet fact-checking her college research paper, which was due in an hour. Why didn't she just head over to a Starbucks and work there, you ask? Because the closest one was several subway stops to the north, and considering how temperamental the N & W lines could be, Sharon wasn't going to chance being late to class. So she darted from room to room, catching glimmers of wifi signal, but never managed to fully finish her fact-checking.

Sharon ended up getting a B+ on her paper, and if you knew Sharon, you'd know that might as well have been an F!

So what's the moral of the story? Don't leave things to the last minute (sure, if only it were that easy, right!?) How about, just shell out the $40+ a month to get internet access at home? But what if you're a working student like Sharon, who doesn't have $40 a month to spare?

That's where KeyWifi comes in! Surely Sharon could have procrastinated and still gotten her A if she'd had it.