Monday, January 25, 2010

How Much WiFi does a Man Need?

A contemporary Tolstoy might wonder how much wifi does a man need instead of how much land. In our global environment wifi is more of a necessity than land. One needs to be “online” all the time in order to be connected with friends and family. But moreover, the quality of work of many people is directly proportional with their wifi connection. Busy brokers and investors need constant reliable connection in order to be competitive. Even education today would be unthinkable without internet connection. If a student fails to upload that one paper, or if the wifi breaks exactly when he is submitting that quiz, the student is in trouble… So as we see, whether we want it or not, we depend on our wifi a great deal. And let’s face it, many times our wifi fails, or we don’t have it exactly when we need it. Even if we assume that one has a reliable wifi connection at home (which not always is the case), one can’t stay all the time at home in order to use that reliable wifi. One has errands to run and a life to live. So what is the solution? Something big is coming up, something that will make us rethink wifi and the way we use it. If Tolstoy was alive, he certainly would be happy to write his amazing short stories and books and have the mobility to share them instantly without waiting… We may need a little wifi, but we need it at the right time, and at the right place."

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