Sunday, December 20, 2009

Of Wifi and (Wo)Men

Holidays are coming up, the air is chilly but cheery... Great things are happening! And it's great if you're always able to share them.. All of us need reliable wifi connection in order to be fully "mobile".. You want to be able to use your laptop or smartphone in that cute little coffee shop around the corner but alas, all the detected networks are locked and we need keys..
Last Tuesday I attended an event in the Lower Side of Manhattan, on Orchard Street. Five great innovative companies presented what they are about to launch and my attention was mostly grabbed by Keywifi's founder presentation. Adam said that we would be able to get connection from practically anywhere as long as there are people willing to share their keys.. And why wouldn't they, if they were getting paid for it. A great thing to look forward to. I am looking forward for the their website to be fully functional!
Some other great new companies who pitched at the event were Pegshot which presented their great application which allows you to share what's new around you in a vivid visual format. SetJam is a great website for tv show maniacs like me, who don't have the time to follow their favorite shows on tv, but would still like to see them at a convenient time online.
I'm excited for the holidays and looking forward to my upstate "escape" but wish I had some free wifi up there... Stay tuned :)

Sylvia Dimova

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